KwikPop 6 With Dynamic Power Tools for Ninja Trader

    KwikPop 6 is not just another group of indicators, it is a complete trading system designed and built by traders for traders.  Our system includes 26 KwikPop 6 indicators and the 4 Dynamic Power Tools.  We include pre-built workspaces and templates.  Our members free training room is open Monday thru Friday from 8.00 AM CST till market close. The Kwikpop 6 system is designed to give you a clear view of where the market is and most importantly where the market should go.  

Our Dynamic Power Zones clearly identify where the large commercial type traders are and most importantly what their bias is for that area.  Because this is Dynamic in design when the large traders change their bias in an area our software clearly points this out so you the trader can take advantage of the change.  

Our Dynamic Power Bars take the noise out to give you a clear view of the trend. 

Dynamic Power Tone sets the Market tone to help keep you on the right side of the markets trend

Simply fill out the request form below and we will get you setup with a 2 week free trial of Kwikpop 6 With the Dynamic Power Tools