KwikPop Futures Consistency Education Program

    Our KwikPop Educational program is a 6-month intensive small group study program run by Bill our owner (with 20 years Trading experience) and Mike our former floor trader from the ES Pits in Chicago (with 30 years of trading experience both in the pits and by computer). the program is designed with a single goal; that goal is to teach you to run your trading like a business and become consistent in your results.  This process begins each morning at 7:30 CST with a 45-minute classroom session which then moves to trading the live market.  We move you from trading in a simulator to a cash account based solely on your progress. Each morning we go through various indicators and their various market setups, Support/ Resistance levels, including how to approach them and the best ways to enter trades at or around them.  We work as a small group, so we can give you the needed support and attention to get you to a place of understanding the market with the following always in mind; where are we? Where could we go? Where should we go? And of course, where should we not go?

Course includes: 
 Daily classroom Training Group
            Kwikpop 6 With Dynamic Power Tools
                  Daily Trade Training during market hours
    One on One Coaching as needed 

             Past Class Videos as well as each day

                Class Manual that follows each concept

We believe this to be the best training program of its kind.  Beginning January 8, we will take 10 traders per week and give them a week in our system to see if it is a fit for them.  We have never opened our class a week at a time with full access like this. You must register in advance as we will ONLY take 10 per week. Before you visit our class, Bill will set up a call time to cover some basics with you, get some background on you and your trading history and cover all the expectations.  

Please fill out the form below to researve a seat for one of our coming class visits. 

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