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DAY TRADING SOFTWARE must be based on a system which identifies trading opportunities.


SYSTEM: A group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole. Kwik*POP 6 uses a combination of technical indicators keyed to price momentum, volume momentum, and pattern recognition derived from statistical analysis of volume and volatility.


Note the ease our system moves from chart to chart.




DAY TRADING SOFTWARE must provide a strategic overview and a tactical entry point.


STRATEGY: A systematic plan of action. When a group of diverse indicators, over multiple price intervals, align in the same direction, we have a consensus defining probable price direction near term and the relative strength (odds) of that move persisting long enough to achieve a fixed (defined) profit objective.




DAY TRADING SOFTWARE must be uniform and easy to comprehend.

Kwik*POP 6 DAY TRADING SOFTWARE uses 3 colors: blue is bullish (higher prices), red is bearish (lower prices), and yellow is neutral. This simplified color grid defines the odds of prices moving higher or lower near term. Colors are derived from the array of technical indicators used in calculating price and volume momentum. Price patterns (HPL and LPH) are fractal, appearing on all intervals, automatically plot on the charts defining the short term intra-day price trend.




DAY TRADING SOFTWARE/ SYSTEM: A strategic methodology designed to capture consistent, incremental gains intra-day on a variety of securities traded on domestic and international securities/futures exchanges. All three charts above are from the same day. By combining different price intervals you get a three-dimensional look at price action. When all indicators align in the same direction... you can trade with confidence.


The Kwik*POP 6 DAY TRADING SYSTEM has been designed to provide you with the highest probability entries to assist you in becoming a profitable trader.


The Kwik*POP indicators work in the following charting platforms: NINJATRADER**TRADESTATION**MULTICHARTS**SIERRA CHARTS**ESIGNAL**OPEN ECRY

    Our license includes all indicators and chart templates.


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