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Since 1999

This is a very tough business and you don't survive 17 years unless you offer your customers a superior product, excellent customer support and on going live interactive training. That's the reason we've been around 17 years and our business is growing every year.

Our indicators work for Stock Index Futures such as ES, YM, NQ, TF or any commodities on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Forex markets, currency futures such as (6e, EC), and bond futures as well as stocks and ETFs.

We are constantly improving our platform and all customers get upgrades at no cost. We are 100% committed to helping our customers succeed as full time traders.

SUPERIOR PRODUCT: The best ES trading software and the best Forex trading software

SUPERIOR TRAINING: Training video library, PDF's and live chat room training

SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Real people that answer the phone!

If you are serious about trading and you want the best tools and best training available then take a FREE TRIAL of Kwik*POP.

best Forex trading software

Best Forex Trading Software


Kwik*POP works in a Windows environment on either a 32 or 64 bit system. You should have Windows 7, or at worst Windows Vista. You should have 2 gig of ram.


Kwik*POP Trading Software plugs into existing charting applications on your computer. The Kwik*POP custom indicators plug into the following charting and electronic trading applications.









Simply run our installer for the charting application on the list above and follow the simple two steps to complete installation. You are up and running in 5 minutes.


We have one of the best Forex Trading Software templates on the market. Kwik*POP can be licensed on a monthly (month to month), quarterly, annual or 60 month cycle.


EASY TO INSTALL: Kwik*POP software is easy to install on your existing charting program and usually takes less than 5 minutes to get running. Simply RUN our KP Installer and in less than a minute it's installed. A READ ME file pops up on your computer screen after the installer is finished and it directs you through the last two steps for activating Kwik*POP.



TEMPLATES FOR INDICATORS: No need to manually load our indicators on a chart. We provide custom chart templates that put all of the appropriate indicators on the charts for you. Simply open up a chart on your screen and apply one of our templates to that chart. Everything is loaded onto the chart and you're ready to go. Simply 'click' and 'click' again and you're in business.


EASY TO LEARN: There are only 2 easy to identify trading patterns that you need to learn and our KP Sonar markers identify those patterns for you by sounding an audio alert and placing a marker on your chart when either pattern appears. A BUY signal occurs on a Higher Pivot Low (HPL) and a SHORT sell signal occurs on a Lower Pivot High (LPH).


TRAINING: We encourage you to review all material in our training library and attend our chat room as often as possible for additional trading tips and ideas. We provide on-going training and all indicator upgrades are FREE to our customers.


Installs in under 5 minutes and you're up and running

Custom Templates place all indicators on the chart automatically for you

Very short learning curve for new traders.

Ongoing training and support

High accuracy trade alerts plot markers on your chart in real time

 All Upgrades Free Of ChargeTo Our Customers.


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